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Vintage, Handmade & One-Of-A-Kind Linens, Lace & Hankies


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Vintage Towels

Vintage Large Tablecloths

Vintage Small Tablecloths

  Vintage Table Toppers
(large doilies & small tablecloths)

  Vintage Napkins

  Vintage Cocktail Napkins

  Vintage Doilies

Placemats & Table Linens

Small Table Linens
Roll Covers, Etc.

New Monogrammed Pillowcases

  Vintage Pillowcases & Shams

  Pairs of Vintage Pillowcases

  Single Vintage Pillowcases & Pillowslips

Table Runners & Dresser Scarves

Bedspreads, Sheets & Quilts

Samplers & Fine Needle Arts

Pillow Covers & Pillow Fronts

Antique Lace Trim & Craft Supplies

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Updated 10/29/15