Old Fashioned Charm For Your Home
# TC-8...A Lovely White Antique Tea Tablecloth
Handmade Tenerife & Drawnwork Lace----Exquisite Workmanship

12" diagonal lace in each corner

34" by 35", this tablecloth displays a bold overall geometric lace design formed of exquisite little patterns.

Rows of drawnwork lace form a 3 1/2" border. Tenerife crosses have been woven into corner joinings. In each corner of the central ground, a chevron-V frames an elaborate tenerife square. The lace is 12" diagonally in each corner.

The hem is finished with a single row of pulled hemstitching, criss-crossing at the corners. Dainty hemstitching outlines and double-outlines lace stripes. Selected threads are removed from the fabric to create openwork stripes. Remaining threads are pulled together into X-patterns and over-woven with small wheels and crosses.

There is one pinhead size hole. This tablecloth is clean and in excellent condition.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/23/07