TC-92 Lovely Vintage Tablecloth

Handmade Lace


1 Tablecloth -- 44" Diameter
White Linen -- Hand-Finishing

Custom-Cut Petal-Effect Center
Eight 1 1/2" Squares -- Drawnthread Lace
3/4" Center Outline-Band -- Drawnthread Lace
In Corners -- Tenerife Needle Lace Crosses

14 1/2" Edging -- Battenberg Lace
Tape Lace Outlines & Loops
Needle Lace Fill-Ins -- Woven Wheels
3-D Covered O-Rings -- Buttonhole-Stitch

Very Good Condition
Lived with and loved; there may be a very few broken connectors within the Battneberg lace; no spots, stains, or holes.
Washed, Ironed & Ready For You.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 03/20/11