TC-79 Lovely Vintage Tablecloth

Handmade Lace & Embroidery

vintage battenberg handmade lace tablecloth
close up 3 vintage handmade battenberg lace tablecloth
close up 2 handmade battenberg lace tablecloth

1 Tablecloth -- 41" Diameter
White Linen -- Hand-Finishing

Beautiful Battenberg Lace
Tape Flowers, Curly-Ques & Outlines
Needle Lace Wheels & Knots -- 3-D Buttonhole-Stitched O-Rings
White Floss -- Outline & Satin Stitch
Open Eyelet Lace Circles

close up handmade Battenberg lace tablecloth
spot on handmade Battenberg tablecloth
Very Good, But Not Quite Perfect, Condition
Lived with and loved; there is one small mend (left photo), a few broken connector threads and two very faint (shows under photographic lighting) quarter-size age-yellowed areaa.
Washed, Ironed & Ready For You.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 06/29/13