Old Fashioned Charm For Your Home

R-533 A Lovely Vintage Table Runner
Handmade Lace & Embroidery


1 Table Runner -- 11 1/2" by 20 1/2"
White Linen -- Hand Finishing

2 1/2" Border -- Center Band -- Filet Lace
Woven Patterns -- Open-Squares Background

Two 6 3/4" Squares -- Flower Edging
Cutwork Lace
White Floss -- 3-D Padded Satin Stitch -- Madeira Seed Dots

Two 5 1/2" Circles -- Lady
Cutwork & Appenzell Lace
White & Palest-Blue Flosses -- 3-D Padded Satin Stitch
Intricately Detailed -- Heart Locket -- Flowers On Headband, Etc.


Note: The two Appenzell circles are not exact duplicates; one has a more tightly-woven background, one uses the palest-blue floss where the other uses white and other subtle differences. I think this adds to the handmade charm.

Very Good Condition
Lived with and loved; there are a very few flaws in the background of the lace; no spots or stains..
Washed, Ironed & Ready For You

*vintage: gently used; possessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 02/07/21