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Web Pages Are Copyrighted

Copying Is Illegal According To International Law

Creating a web page is a lot of work. Copying someone else's web page is as easy as copying the paper on the next desk. And just as wrong!

One day as I was checking keywords in Google, I saw my writing about table runners attached to a stranger's URL. Disbelief.... that violated feeling...ANGER!  I'm just a little old lady selling vintage linens and hankies; but when I calmed down, I realized, "This cannot be right; there must be a law". So I began reading about copyright laws.

Copyright laws are international. Violations are punishable by large fines and jail time. I have quoted relevant sections of International Copyright Laws here; and, as they are public domain, you may copy and use them if you wish. However, the bottom line is: "A web page is automatically, without any application, protected under the law and may not be copied without permission."

The web page that you see is not the web page as it was originally written. It is visually attractive with pictures and colors; there are breaks where there should be breaks and spaces where there should be spaces. The original html document is entirely text with the author's presentation embedded within html codes, meta tags, etc. that are invisible to the reader. It is not pretty. But it serves two functions; first it enables the search engine machines to categorize the page so that you can find what you want and second it organizes and dresses up the page, retrieving photos from a remote server, etc. so that you will enjoy reading it. You can view the original form of this page by going to the top bar, clicking "View" and below that "Page Source"; or, on Firefox, clicking the upper-left orange box, then "Web Developer", then "View Page Source".

Anyone may use any html codes; so that Your Words may look like My Words but they must be your words. To copy part of the page except parts of html codes is stealing and a violation of copyright law.

Well, to finish the story....I sent the offending party certified mail (the kind you have to sign for) identifying identical parts of our websites and quotes of copyright laws, complete with fines and jail penalties that apply to violations of those laws (link below). There were abject apologies, promises never to do it again. That website has since disappeared from the face of the internet.

Read exact quotes from the relevant sections of Copyright Law.

vintage antique monogrammed hankies heart See It All -- Complete Website Contents
Linens, Lace, Hankies, Home Decor, Etc. Etc.!

updated 01/06/23