T-59 Vintage Splasher or Washstand Towel

Delft Blue Hand Embroidery

The "splasher" towel was designed to hang over a bar above the washstand, thus protecting the wall from splashes. Frequently it was hung so that both ends were displayed (top photo). Today it may be used as a decorative accent, even where splashes are not a problem.

22 1/2" by 46", this towel combines the subtle shading and texture of ivory-tone linen, with hand embroidery. The top, or fold-over, design is 5 1/2" deep in the center. Your placement of the fold will adjust the relative length of the two designs.

Edges are machine-hemmed.

Two-tones of blue and Dutch-style designs add up to the traditional Delft look. Flowers are silhouetted within lattice-textured triangles. The 12" central picture shows a little Dutch girl carrying a bouquet. Cross, outline and satin stitch create the designs. French-knots add three-dimensional flower-centers to the bouquet.

Under bright photographic lights, there was a faint discoloration between the girl's left foot and the triangle below. Here in my computer room, I can no longer see it. This runner is in very good condition (lived with and loved; no spots, stains, holes or damage); washed, ironed and ready for your home.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/20/07