T-37 A Pair Of Guest Towels

Classic White-On-White -- Handmade Lace -- Embroidered Daisies

One of two

Each 13 1/4" by 22", these two towels combine lace and embroidery in a lovely design.

Lengthwise and back edges are machine-sewn. The front is finished with a 1/2" band of drawnwork lace. Selected threads are removed from the fabric to create an openwork stripe. Remaining threads are pulled together into X-patterns.

The 4 3/4" by 10" center-front design shows a single bow-tied daisy, small flowers, leaves, etc. Three-dimensional French knots contrast with smooth satin stitch. Open-eyelets add the final lacy touch.

These towels are clean and in excellent condition, brand new.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/25/07