A Touch Of Traditional Hospitality
# T11....Handmade Towels For Bedroom Or Bath
Classic White-On-White----Handmade Lace & Embroidery

Each 30 1/2" by 41", these two towels combine the subtle texture of fine linen with the of beauty hand embroidery and lace in an unusual design.

Lengthwise edges are selvege; the back end is finished with a single row of open pulled hemstitching. The front end of the fabric is cut following the contours of the lace edge and finished with closely-worked buttonhole stitches.

A garland of flowers, leaves and curling tendrils spreads 22" across the front. The needlewoman embroidered in white outline and satin stitch and used lace inserts as the flower-centers.

The lace edge extends all the way across the front. A 4" deep center medallion frames an adorable cherub with a horn. Diamond, square and honeycomb patterned areas are outlined and connected by the closely-worked buttonhole stitches.....a crisp, clear effect.

These towels are in excellent condition; brand new, never used.

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Updated 11/23/2007