Old Fashioned Charm For Your Home

R-446 A Lovely Vintage Dresser Set
Homemade Lined Lace

Best for color
The back

4 Piece Set
1 Table Runner -- 12 1/2" by 40"
1 Table Runner -- 12 1/2" by 30"
2 Doilies -- Each 8 1/4" by 11 1/2"

Tambour Lace Over Rose (a little deeper rose than the photos show) Lining
Mellow Ecru Net -- Picot Loop Trim
Cutwork Lace Diamonds -- Needle Lace Inserts
Ecru Floss -- Tambour Chain Stitch
Petals -- White Floss -- Satin Stitch

Good, But Not Perfect, Condition
This set has been stored for many years and you will wish to launder it before using, there are some light spots and shadings; the edges are a little fuzzy and there are a few broken connector threads within the background of the lace.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 09/26/10