PIC-3 Antique Oil Painting On Cloth

Sleeping Beauty

10" by 11 1/2", this oil painting is done on the silky side of an 18" square of black satin. If you plan to frame it, you will have room for generous margins all the way around.

Ladies of the Victorian era created these charming pictures to be framed, used as the focal point of a show-piece quilt, etc. This one is larger and more intricate than most.

It shows a young woman lying on a fringed Victorian fainting couch under a rose-covered bower. Her eyes are closed, long golden-brown hair spreads across the pillow. Roses overlay her white gown and sheet. Prince Charming pulls back the heavy drapery. A trio of cherubs climb the flowered trellis to haul on the bell-pull and clang the gong.

Wonderful attention has been given to the details of this painting...small patterns on the cherubs' wings, a design on the spear-handle, a shadowy spider web (the goal of the small bird toward the upper right) and a single thread trailing from the flax on the spinning wheel.

The signature McKan Fisher shows within the vines in the lower right corner.

Creases around the margin show that this painting was either framed or stored awaiting its final showplace. It is in excellent condition.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/21/07