Old Fashioned Charm For Your Home

NP-3 A Lovely Vintage Needlepoint
Pillow Front, Wall Hanging, Quilt Accent, Frameable


1 Pillow Front
Backing: 15 1/2" by 17"
Worked Area: 12" Hexagon

Floral Wreath, Butterflies, Love Birds, Heart
Shades of Coral, Green, Yellow, White & Maroon
Beige Background
Wool -- Needlepoint French Text
"L'amour fait passer le temps...Le temps fait passer l'amour"
(Something about love and the passage of time)

  Because needle point is usually worked as a diagonal stitching, the finished product emerges out-of-square and needs to be blocked before using. Easy instructions for blocking can be found on the web or most dry cleaners will do it for you. This piece is in the finished, but not blocked, stage.

Very Good, Never-Used, Condition
However, this pillow front has been stored for many years and you will wish to have it cleaned and re-blocked (it's out of square) before using; no holes or damage.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 02/11/09