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LACE-54 Lovely Handmade Antique Lace

vintage antique Branscombe lace trim
Antique Lace Trim #54
close-up 1 antique branscombe lace trim
Close-Up 1 -- Antique Lace Trim #54
close-up 2 antique handmade lace
Close-Up 2 -- Antique Lace Trim #54
close-up 3 antique handmade lace trim
Close-up 3 -- Antique Lace Trim #54
broken connector thread antique handmade lace trim
Close-up 4 -- Broken Connector Thread -- Antique Lace Trim #54
rough cut ends antique handmade branscombe lace trim
Close-Up 5 -- Rough-Cut End -- Antique Lace Trim #54

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1 Piece -- 7 1/2" by 34" -- Cream-Colored
Handmade Combination Lace
1 Shaped Edge -- 1 Straight Sewing Edge -- Rough-Cut Ends

Flowers, Loops & Outlines
Narrow Handmade Tape -- Half-Stitch Edge-Outlines

Needle Lace Fill-Ins -- Varied Textures
Raised Outlines & Details -- Prominent Picots

Very Good Condition
However, this lace has been stored for many years and you will wish to launder it before using; I see a few broken connector threads within the background of the lace.

*vintage: gently used; possessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/28/12