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# H-770 Princess Lace Hanky

Souvenir Antwerp



hankiesouvenir hankie
9" square, this hanky combines the subtle texture of fine white linen with lovely Princess lace.

One corner of the fabric is cut to the contours of the two, 6", diagonally, lace inserts. 3/8" scalloped lace borders the edges and curves and loops around the corner design.

The corner design combines the scalloped lace with net lace, embroidery and needle lace. Open areas hold zig-zag patterns and woven wheels. A famous building or cathedral is embroidered on the net lace circle insert. Embroidered letters on the net lace arc identify ANTWERP SOUVENIR.

This hanky is in very good condition; washed, ironed and ready for you.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Revised 11/29/07