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vintage embroidered hanky heart H-5530 A Lovely Vintage Hanky
Handmade Lace

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Hanky #5530: Vintage Light-Green Hanky
Original Label

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Hanky #5530: Close-Up
Handmade Lace
Original Label

vintage embroidered hankie isvintage embroidered hankie heart
1 Hanky -- 11" Square -- Light-Green Lawn Cotton

Hand-Rolled Hem

Geometric Design -- Drawnthread Lace Outlines
4 Mosaic Lace Squares -- Leaf Pattern
4 Drawnthread Lace Squares -- Woven Wheels In Corners

Original Paper Label
"Pure Cotton -- Handmade in China"

Very Good Condition
Lived with and loved; This has been stored for quite a while and you will wish to launder it before using, there are some spots and shadings; no holes or damage.
*vintage: gently used; possessing age, charm, character, maturity


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Updated 05/05/22