H-2860 A Lovely Vintage Hanky


hankiesouvenir hankie
1 Hanky -- 13 1/2" Square
Fine Lawn Linen -- Hand Finishing

Hand-Rolled Hem
Custom-Cut Corner -- Buttonhole-Stitched

Single Red Rose -- 4 1/2" Across
Cut From Red & Green Fabric -- Appliqued
Red, Green & Yellow Flosses
3-D Padded Satin Stitch -- French Knots -- Madeira Seed Dots

Original Metal Tab

Although there is no longer any identifying label; I believe this was made by Marghab.


Very Good Condition
However, this hanky has been stored for many years and you may wish to launder it before using; no holes or damage.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 01/07/15