tenerife wheels doilies

D-16 Twelve Dainty Cocktail Round Doilies

Handmade Tenerife Wheels

All twelve

There are six DIFFERENT wheel patterns.
The number below each picture refers to the number of doilies with that pattern.


D----Three + One very similar


doilievintage doilydoilie
Each approximately 5 1/2" diameter, these twelve round cocktail napkin doilies combine the subtle texture of fine white linen with handmade lace.

The fabric has been cut to concave curves to accommodate eight lace wheels.

Each 1/1/4" wheel is separately created. Closely-worked patterns show agianst single-thread lacy backgrounds. My photos show six distinct patterns but there are sometimes variations within a pattern and, as you can see in photos A and F, even variations amongst the wheels of a single doily.

These doilies are in very good condition; washed, ironed and ready for your home.

*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 11/28/07