C-56 A Lovely Victorian Lace Collar Or Dress Insert

Handmade Lace


lace collar logovintage lace collar heart

1 Collar or Dress Insert -- 9" by 12"
White -- Combination Lace

Top Band -- 1/2" by 9" -- French Lace -- Rough-Cut Ends
Dots Pattern -- Hexagon Mesh

Semi-Circle Insert -- Floral Pattern
Filet Lace -- Woven Flower -- Open-Squares Background

Intricate Irish Lace
Raised-Petal Flowers -- Picot Connectors

Very Good Condition
Lived with and loved; there is one broken connector within the background of the Irish lace (last photo); no spots, stains.
Washed, Ironed & Ready For You

*vintage: gently used; possessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 01/27/11