PC-84 A Lovely Antique Bolster Pillowcase

Handmade Lace & Society Silk Embroidery


1 Bolster Pillowcase -- 18" by 45"
White Fabric -- Hand-Finishing

5 1/2" Edging Both Ends -- Needle-Woven Lace
Scalloped Edge -- Scrolls, Zig-Zag & Diamonds Patterns

Both Ends
2 Rows Narrow Drawnthread Lace
1 Row Drawnthread Lace With Needle Lace Xs

25" Center Design -- Birds, Daisies & Saying
"In the night His song shall be with me"
Glowing Silk Flosses -- White & Yellow
Outline & Satin Stitch -- French Knots Clusters

Very Good Condition
However, this pillowcase has been stored for many years and you may wish to launder it before using, there are some areas of very light age-yellowing; no holes or damage.
*vintage: gently used; posessing age, charm, character, maturity

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Updated 01/15/12